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The best homemade Akara(Nigerian beans cake) | no stress| lockdown recipes |super easy

Hi guys,
In this video,I give you my detailed Family Akara ( Nigerian Beans cake) recipe.
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– 1 Cup or Two handful Beans
-1 Cup water
-1 Onion bulb
-2 tsp Grounded crayfish
-2 tsp dry grounded pepper or 3 fresh Scotch pepper and 1 chilli pepper
-1/2 tsp of tumeric/ curry powder
-1 tbsp bleached palm oil
-Seasoning and salt to taste
-Oil for frying.
*Wash beans,
Blender method: Place beans in a blender with about a litre of water and blend gradually to release the coat from the beans,then using a sieve strain the beans peel as you wash until all the beans have been peeled, strained and cleaned.
Mortar and pestel: Or using a mortar and pestel gently grind the beans against the mortar with the pestel and then seive.
Sauce pan method: Or place in a medium sauce pan with about one liter of water and bring to a boil. Boil two more minutes and turn off the heat. Allow to soak for about one hour then wash the beans rigorously this time to peel the beans, using a sieve to strain the beans peel as you wash and until all the beans have been peeled, strained and cleaned.

*Place the beans,crayfish,fresh pepper(if using that), onions and water in a blender or goblet of a food processor and puree until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and mix in salt,curry powder or tumeric powder,seasoning,pepper(dry grounded pepper) and bleached oil .
*Place oil for deep frying in a pan on medium heat or turn on a deep fryer. Using a tablespoon, drop mixture into hot oil and deep fry until golden brown of each side. Place on kitchen paper to drain as much oil as possible and serve.

If you aren’t a homemade Akara maker and you’ll rather patronize Mama Rukia at your junction, i hope this is enough to make you a convert. Lol!
This homemade akara is best enjoyed with some oatmeal or pap/ogi – the quintessential Nigerian breakfast.

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