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The Best Palm Nut Soup You’ll Ever Make. Cook With Me!

Come join me and lets make the most delicious Palm nut soup or Abenkwan you’ll ever have.

Ingredients for soup:
Blue crab 0.8 lb
Adwnene 1.3 lb
Superku 0.3 lb
Herring 0.4 lb
Guinea fowl 1.5 lb
Palm cream 1.6lb can
Ginger 66 grams
Prekese (aidan fruit) 75 grams
Snails 0.5 lb
Periwinkle 80 grams
Mushrooms 70g
Onions 2 large
Tomatoes 3 large
1 Maggie shrimp tablet
Salt and pepper to taste
Water 4 quarts

Ingredients for Fufu
Cassava 18 oz
2 fingers of plantain
About 1/4 cup water (total to blend and rinse out blender) or less.

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I used real palm pulp in this recipe

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