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How To Make Nigerian Buns – Chef Lola's Kitchen

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Nigerian Buns is very delicious and very filling as well. Enjoy.

3 Cups of All purpose Flour
1/4 cup of Sugar (add 1 more Tbsp if you want it sweeter)
2 Teaspoons of baking powder
A pinch of Salt
3 Eggs
¼ Cup Butter
¾ fat free or reduced fat milk ­ You can also dilute the liquid can milk in a 50:50 ratio or just use plain Water
Enough Vegetable oil enough for deep frying
1. Mix the Flour, Sugar, Baking powder and Salt together in a bowl.
2. Add the Eggs and Milk and mix together until combined
3. Scoop the Batter into the Oil (Make little Balls) ­ I used an Ice cream scoop.
4. Fry until golden Brown on a medium heat and ENJOY.

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