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How to Plan Cheap and Healthy 3 Square Meals for 1 week in Nigeria + Ingredients Needed

The thumbnail was what I had for breakfast on Monday morning 9/2/2021 after I finished carrying out my workouts for the day. Also, I had an extra 3 days worth of food last week after spending the same amount on food.

Cheap is relative though. 6 years ago, I spent N10,000 weekly on food and the exchange rate then was about $1 = N200. Well, I think I am doing pretty well now too on my spending on food. Food and data are what consume my money the most. What do you think?

Is eating healthy really cheap or it’s expensive?

On Workout Wednesday, we talk about how to do your workouts correctly, fun and easy ways to workout, the myths people have about healthy living, how to choose healthy diets.

Videos are released every Wednesday at 8am Nigerian Time.


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